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Nick Marangos

Nick Marangos, co-author of "Success Secrets for Entrepreneurs" and Managing Director of Mason & Wake Global Sales Search. is on a mission to build a global sales search firm and turn recruitment into a respected industry. Nick has been in the sales recruitment industry for over 20 years, having started his career in Australia in 1999 in Sydney. He has managed to work across three continents, helping grow sales teams in a number of industries and at various levels of seniority. Nick has managed a number of sales recruiters in London and won contracts with several impressive organisations. His purpose and passion is to help businesses experience the most pain-free hiring process. In a nutshell – Nick is looking to educate those who have had bad or negative experiences when using a recruitment agency

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How to recruit to scale a business

A standout agency will be able to relay any amendments regarding a job offer without causing any alarm or delay in the a...