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intelligent assistants

Information management with intelligent assistants: a new way of considering AI

Intelligent assistants can help users become more efficient without making them redundant by completely automating what they do.

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How to nail an audit with automated systems

Setting up automated systems can help mitigate the stress and fatigue brought by using manual workflows in the auditing process.

information management

How intelligent information management can make you more competitive

By deploying an intelligent information management system, you can benefit from the quality, integrity, and accuracy of your most critical information…

information management

Information management in the smart machine age

Intelligent information management is about shifting to a context-driven system that provides secure access to information based on the user’s needs…

email attachments

Why you should ban email attachments

Sharing documents as email attachments creates a significant risk for different team members each working on their own version of a document.

information management

The value of intelligent information management

Intelligent information management is vital in filtering the data accumulated, determining which is vital to the business or not.


How Artificial Intelligence is already changing the way offices work

AI in the office is seen to operate as a virtual team member that does not goes home nor go on a lunch break, offering greater output and quality in w…


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