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business travel

Seven key steps for a return to business travel

While return to pre-COVID business travel environment will take a long time, now is the best time to plan out on how to adapt to the expected new prac…


Four types of expense report fraud to look out for

Whether intentional or accidental, expense report fraud entails a great loss of revenue if the business does not act decisively beforehand.

How to maintain a strong corporate culture during business growth

No matter how far businesses scale up, there is always a need for a strong corporate culture that will support and motivate its people.

mileage reporting

Three mileage reporting best practices for SMEs

Quality tracking technology and mileage reporting solutions can offer employees the simplicity they need to lodge accurate mileage expense claims.

Expense management, expense policy

Creating the right expense policy templates for your business

Creating the best expense policy template means understanding your employees, the budget, and the organisation’s profit goals.


How e-invoicing can transform businesses

E-invoicing saves businesses time and money, while avoiding costly mistakes and penalties associated with paper invoicing.

Four key financial risks businesses must prepare for

The key financial risks that digital transformation is bringing to business today.

Small business drivers going the extra mile

Research reveals that small business drivers claimed 30 per cent more miles and 26 per cent more mileage costs than their enterprise counterparts in 2…

Three ways to prevent fraud and enforce policy compliance

Many SMEs think their fraud policies are good enough because they either haven’t had a major issue to rectify, or they trust their employees to be h…

expense management

Six ways to cash in on business expenses data

Automating your expenses enables you to manage and control spending, generate comprehensive spending reports and accurately integrate purchase data.

Expense management, expense policy

Six ways businesses can save on travel and expenses

Automating the entire travel and expense process minimises both costs and demands on employees while reducing the chances of compliance issues.

flexible work, work from anywhere, remote work, mobility

Seven reasons information mobility is crucial for businesses

Businesses must embrace workplace mobility as a way to drive growth and innovation within the business and among employees.


Six questions to ask before taking a business international

Local advice and a sound knowledge of the market, the culture and rules and regulations is paramount when taking your business international.

The benefits of automated invoicing

SMEs lose thousands of dollars each month due to inefficient invoice processes, an issue automation can help address.

Expenses claims

How to avoid Christmas expense management stress

An automated expense management system helps you control the expenses that invariably spiral over Christmas.

Mileage expenses

ATO crack down on incorrect expenses claims

When claiming mileage expenses people often over-estimate the distance they travel but mapping apps can help calculate the exact distance driven.


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