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Why we need a wi-fi security standard that works

As wi-fi usage continues to burgeon, vendors need to come together to develop a global wi-fi security standard with real teeth.

mobile era

Why cybersecurity matters more than ever in the mobile era

While remote working in the mobile era can provide benefits aplenty for employers and employees alike, it’s a model that’s not short on cyber risk…

3d printing

Cyber security issues that need to be solved before 3D printing goes mainstream

Almost every form of technology can be subverted for evil and 3D printing is no exception.

wifi, wifi hotspot

Cyber security tips for a hacker-free holiday

Hacking WiFi is a relatively easy process and tricking people into connecting to a fake free WiFi network is even easier.

The importance of security in selecting a cloud service provider

While cost may be an important factor, security should always be paramount when choosing an effective cloud service.

wifi, wifi hotspot

Five factors to consider when rolling out free customer Wi-Fi

When offering free wireless connectivity you need to know how, where, and when visitors are using it so you maximise your investment and optimise the …

IT security, online security

Security habits small businesses should build (or break) this year

It’s never too late to start building good security habits and these some simple steps will go a long way to ensuring your network’s protection.