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Lisanne Iriks

Lisanne is an award-winning mediator who specialises in family mediation and workplace mediation. She won the award for family dispute resolution practitioner of the year at the ADR awards in 2020 and has been a finalist for Australian mediator of the year in 2019 and 2020 at the Australasian Law Awards. Lisanne has a decade of experience in Dispute Resolution and Mediation, and I have assisted hundreds of clients through the mediation process. She has coached and developed students of law, lawyers, HR Consultants, accountants and other professionals to become competent in mediation skills and techniques, and also trains people to become accredited mediators in Australia. Lisanne provides executive coaching and group coaching in leadership, mediation and negotiation skills at government departments, for corporate clients, and holds lecturing positions at Murdoch University and the College of Law.

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