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Lexie Wilkins June 2017 633 x 350

Presenteeism – it’s time to grab this tiger by the tail…

A recent report by Pathology Australia suggests that the cost of presenteeism annually in Australia is $34 billion.

Lexie Wilkins June 2017 633 x 350

Those awkward conversations you need to have at work…

Nine steps to making those awkward work conversations you need to have from time to time as easy and as positive as positive for both parties.

Lexie Wilkins June 2017 633 x 350

The future of work: Five key skills to keep you ahead of the pack

As the future of work changes dizzyingly fast we need strategies to remain competitive and noticeable.

Lexie Wilkins June 2017 633 x 350

Onboarding is the new black

When it comes to an employee’s first days at a new workplace, perception is reality, so an effective onboarding strategy is paramount – first impres…

Lexie Wilkins June 2017 633 x 350

How online emojis can teach us about the work experience

It is human nature to seek validation and emojis give an instant “fix”, but how do we create a really meaningful workplace for our employees?

Lexie Wilkins June 2017 633 x 350

Bringing words to life: driving greater employee engagement

Employee engagement is about giving your team purpose in their work and letting them be heard and have their opinions validated.

Lexie Wilkins June 2017 633 x 350

Prioritising communication as a productivity tool

Actively moulding a culture of positive open and accountable communication will reap significant rewards.

Lexie Wilkins June 2017 633 x 350

Culture as a number one driver of customer service

Treating your employees as you would your customers is the bedrock of great workplace culture.

Lexie Wilkins June 2017 633 x 350

Authenticity and the small-business owner

Authenticity isn’t just leadership mumbo jumbo – it legitimises us in our digital age than often seems superficial.

Lexie Wilkins June 2017 633 x 350

Successfully juggling a flexible workforce

Recent research reveals 70 per cent of professionals think employers should offer flexible workforce schedules.

Lexie Wilkins June 2017 633 x 350

What does the 21st century employee want in their workplace?

A new perspective on remuneration and a working culture that supports diversity are key to keeping the 21st century employee happy.

Lexie Wilkins May 2017 633 x 350

Creating an engaged workforce

Within small business, where there are arguably a higher percentage of part-timers and casuals, creating an engaged workforce can be a challenge.

Lexie Wilkins

Incorporating diversity and inclusion in small business

If you get diversity and inclusion right in your organisation you stand to make considerable business gains no matter how big or small your business i…


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