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Kristyn Levis

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How to come up with good content for your small business blog

Never underestimate the power of good storytelling as a key ingredient in creating good content for your blog.

Social media marketing

The realities of social media marketing

Contrary to the expectation of many business owners, social media marketing alone does not guarantee the success of your product or service.

social media video

How to create good photos and videos for social media

You can create compelling images and videos for your business via social media even without spending too much.

Facebook ads

Top tips on using Facebook advertising for your small business

A successful Facebook advertising campaign is about knowing not only your target market but also utilising all the tools available.

Instagram algorithm

Tips on using Instagram for your small business

With its new features Instagram is the fastest growing social-media platform today and one of the best places to showcase your brand.

Debunking digital marketing myths

Are you trying to create brand awareness? Or let your customers know about a discount offer? To measure the success of your digital marketing you need…

online marketing, marketers

Five small business digital-marketing tools

Five simple, inexpensive tools small businesses can use to stand out form their peers on social media.


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