Kerry Anderson

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Milk with a difference

How a Victorian couple overcame the drought by transitioning theeir milk source from dairy to camels.

Are rural people more entrepreneurial?

Rural entrepreneurs are very good at turning every-day problems into business opportunities.

A cautionary tale

Dropping your pricing doesn’t necessarily increase customer satisfaction - what you charge is a reflection of the value ...

The importance of telling your story

Sharing your story can help explain who you are and what you stand for, encouraging more customers to decide on doing bu...

To export or not to export – that is the question

The common mistakes many small-business owners make when they are looking to export their products or services.

It’s not about the money?

The “intrapreneur model” – in which people work as entrepreneurs within a business – ensures everyone is as motivated an...

Rejuvenated for Christmas

Penalty rates are prohibitive for many small businesses that simply provide a living for the owners and little profit to...

Three tips to survive December

Staff are crucial and under added pressure as the Christmas frenzy approaches and family commitments pile up.

Are rural people more entrepreneurial?

The adversity of working a remote and harsh environment gives an edge to rural entrepreneurship.

No business is an island

Competition is healthy and attracts outside interest for a regional business.