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Getting social in tough times

For small businesses that aren’t sure how to get started, there is always the opportunity to jump on existing social media campaigns.

Time to take stock

The ASBFEO argues that ultimately, in order for small businesses to get to the other side of this crisis, they need access to finance.

Supporting small business

“My office has released a comprehensive plan, recommending a suite of reforms to support small businesses at this challenging time.”

Banking on improvement

The ABA Banking Code of Practice is the chief protection for small-business borrowers and needs real and meaningful changes to give it teeth.

Legislation uncertainty

The Research and Development Tax Incentive (R&DTI) is essential for SMEs seeking to experiment to turn a new idea into a market-ready product or s…

The costs of dismissal

Businesses are paying millions of dollars every year in settlement payments to former workers who have lodged unfair dismissal claims.

Time to ease the credit squeeze

Eight in 10 small-business owners have loans or lines of credit secured against their homes, instead of cashflow or business growth.


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