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Karen Gately

Karen Gately, founder of Corporate Dojo, is a leadership and people-management specialist. Karen works with leaders and HR teams to drive business results through the talent and energy of people. She is author of The People Manager’s Toolkit: A Practical guide to getting the best from people (Wiley) and Corporate Dojo.

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Navigating uncertainty in the workplace

Irrespective of whether we are battling a global pandemic or not, there is always uncertainty in life and most of us str...

Is anyone there?

A sure sign of disengagement is people failing to work well with colleagues - leading to frustration among those who are...

Tapping into talent

The simple reality is customer experience is directly tied to the depth of talent your team offers and ultimately how th...

How mental strength impacts performance

Mental strength doesn’t mean an absence of emotion, rather the ability to respond productively despite those emotions.

Handling poor performance

If you are frustrated by the impact unreliable employees have on the spirit and performance of your team, you are far fr...
engage, customer engagement

Five steps to curb disengagement

Five common signs of disengaged people and five steps to take to improve individual’s contribution and engagement.
Quality feedback brings success

Quality feedback brings success

Establishing performance expectations and providing feedback along the way will enable you to have a value-adding perfor...
How to create career pathways

How to create career pathways

Understanding the career pathways people can pursue allows you to set clear development goals.