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Step it up

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions have in a way foreshadowed the implications of a recession for many SMEs.

Avoiding the Christmas/New Year cashflow crunch

Invoice finance is a line of credit that helps smooth out uneven cashflow, enabling businesses to convert their unpaid invoices into cash.

Five common financing mistakes that SMEs make

For small businesses to maximise the benefits of their loan financing, it is important that they are aware of, and are able to manage, the risks invol…

financial wellness, financial health check, business health measures

How to give your SME a health check

An annual financial health check goes a long way to ensuring your business’s continued growth and avoiding financial risks.

small business community

An open letter to Bill and Sco-Mo on behalf of the small-business community

As the Federal Election looms, a small business leader encourages the next government to enforce measures that will benefit the small business communi…

Three major issues confronting your small business today

What does the strong possibility of a change of government at this year’s Federal Election mean for small-business owners’ bottom lines?


Top tips for managing business cashflow after the holiday period

January is usually a quiet month for many small businesses and it’s the perfect time to finally get the cashflow in order.


Top tips for managing customer risk and avoiding bad debts

Taking the time to know your customers better and understand their situations not only helps build trust, but also helps minimise risk for your busine…


Five features of successful small businesses

The secrets of how 40 per cent of small businesses manage to be successful despite having to operate in a highly competitive business environment.


Six end of financial year tax tips for SMEs

The end of financial year can be a frantic time for small-business owners, but there are a few tax tips that can help alleviate the pressure.

How the NPP will transform your small business

The NPP is designed to help small businesses to be paid faster and, therefore, better manage their cashflow.

A smarter way to manage your business cashflow

There’s no profit in a sale unless you get paid, and that means getting paid in a timely manner so that you can maintain an active business cashflow…


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