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Australia’s continued love affair with SMSFs

As the market for SMSFs continues to grow, beware of potential traps when setting up your own fund.

Five financial New Year’s resolutions you can keep

Here are five easy and effective New Year’s resolutions that every business owner should focus on for a prosperous 2017.

Hidden profits

How the “Magnificent Seven” can increase your profitability

One of the key influencers of your profitability percentage is your gross profit margin – if your profitability percentage is too low then the chanc…

How to save a struggling business – Part 2

Every business has what I call financial drivers – if you don’t know yours, you may as well be driving a car without an instrument panel on your das…

How to save a struggling business – Part 1

To keep your struggling business afloat, work out your breakeven sales point (on a yearly basis) and then you implement strategies to help you sell mo…

Demystifying the hype on new super changes

“In my opinion, much of the hype around the proposed super changes has more to do with emotion than logic due to a lack of understanding of the prop…


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