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Mediator trying to resolve businessmen deadlocked in acrimonious debate. Vector illustration on business mediator or dispute resolution concept isolated on plain background.

The value of a conflict-free workplace

Office conflict is not always unproductive as conflict situations have an important role in revealing communication challenges.

fear word made from vintage letterpress type on burned wood background

Five fears that immobilise leaders

For business leaders to overcome their fears, they first need to recognise the true nature of those fears.

Dr John Demartini

How to avoid business deals that are out of your league

It is easy to be excited about a potential deal but constantly thinking and talking about it before it is sealed is a sign it may be too “big” for you…

Dr John Demartini

High trust teams the secret to business success

Establishing trust within your team is as simple as honouring their highest values.

Dr John Demartini

Jealousy a gift, not a curse

Jealousy is based on a perception of a potential loss to a rival but you can use it to your advantage for self-awareness and growth.


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