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Staying safe when returning to work

A return to the office might be welcomed by some, but those who worry about being safe from the pandemic have the right to insist to still work from h…

virtual meetings

Why virtual meetings make you feel tired

Virtual meetings are the norm now and are here to stay, so it’s important to be aware of their adverse effects and how to overcome them.

home, working from home, WFH

Working from home…what could go wrong?

While working from home is seen as a way to help stop the spread of the virus, there are still risks involved that you need to address.

motherhood, parent, working at home, childcare

You’re working at home…and the kids are on holiday?!

Tips on how people working at home can be more productive despite the distractions at home, especially from the kids on school holidays.

work from home, remote work, remote working

Seven ways to avoid isolation when working from home

Addressing the concerns of isolation that comes with working from home to ensure the productivity of a growing remote worker base.

working from home, work from home

Working from home: coping with the kids during the holidays

Working from home is a great option for mums and dads who want to combine stay-at-home parenting and a career.


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