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Do I need help?

It’s unrealistic to expect one person to possess all the skills you’re looking for when it comes to hiring your first member of staff.

Creating a budget…and sticking to it!

Creating a budget may sound like a daunting prospect, but is perhaps the best way to gain a holistic understanding of your small business’s finances…

superannuation obligation

Leaving the paper trail behind in 2020

Ditching the paper trail in favour of a digital accounting solution helps simplify financial processes and create a more organised workplace.

Tradies with spark

As a contractor it is important to remain competitive on price with others in your area, however, it is just as important not to undervalue yourself.

summer break, vacation

Having the ultimate summer break without sacrificing cashflow

With proper planning and tools in place, small-business owners need not sacrifice a summer break so they can run their businesses efficiently.

How to differentiate your small business from large competitors

Small businesses can easily differentiate themselves with their advantage to quickly adapt to change and build stronger rapport with customers.

Top mistakes to avoid if you want repeat customers

Repeat customers are key to building a strong reputation and ensuring the long-term success of a small business.

How to switch off when you leave work

A huge advantage of being a small-business owner is being able to set your own hours – take advantage of this and set a schedule that frees up time to…

Taking the next step: when to hire your first hire

Weigh up your priorities and whether you can really afford tp ay another wage before you decide to hire your first employee.

How to keep your small business on track in 2018

Transitioning to simple tech tools will give you the best chance of not only increasing cashflow but also achieving your long-term goals.

Making your side gig look less like a hobby and more like a business

The challenge is making your side gig look like a professional business so that potential customers take you seriously.

How to build a credible brand as a one-person show

First impressions are key to solopreneurs building a credible brand that can compete for attention among the bigger names.

Time management for the modern-day solopreneur

Time management, ensuring that each facet of the job gets enough face time, is a key skill for the solopreneur.

How to use the new financial year to revitalise your business

Welcome the new financial year as an opportunity for growth and setting new goals.

Size doesn’t matter

The “lifeblood” of any business, cashflow can be the difference between a business swimming or sinking.

Top four mistakes that hold small businesses back from getting paid

The art of getting paid is a balancing act of not putting pressure on customers while ensuring you’re rewarded for the great work you do.


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