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Survey reveals workaholics may be happier workers

A new study surprisingly reveals workaholics are the most positive employees, despite the stress they experience.
Customer Service

Improving customer service by making it personal for workers

While most workers will do their best to provide excellent customer service in all conditions, they still value feedback...
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How to address low engagement levels in millennials

Millennials provide a fresh perspective and new ideas so it’s important to keep them engaged, challenged and interested.
User Experience

You can’t build great UX without measuring experience

There is no “one size fits all approach” when it comes to measuring UX.
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Three best practices to enhance employee engagement

Providing meaningful work is key to enhancing employee engagement in your office.
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E-retailers prepare for Christmas period

Almost half of Australian consumers do most of their Christmas holiday shopping from their phone, tablet or computer.
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How millennials perceive women in leadership

Australian millennials and their U.K. counterparts had similar views on women in leadership and professional roles, with...
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Six strategies to develop strong leaders

Strong leaders who understand their strengths and weaknesses can map out strategies to improve and grow.
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How to design effective 360-degree feedback programs

Your 360-degree feedback programs must also collect feedback from the people employees work with to deliver the right re...
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How VoC programs can improve customer experience

Employee engagement is critical to excellent customer service, and often the fastest way to improve customer experience ...