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Beating out the banks

Small-business owners are increasingly demanding invisible banking – and fintech offers faster, more convenient and accessible finance.

holiday break

Taking a break? Here’s how to holiday proof your business

For many small-business owners, holiday breaks are a pipedream but they don’t need to be with proper planning in place.

Secrets to successful school holidays for SMEs

How to keep your business running smoothly and the cash flowing during school holidays when many of your customers may head out of town.

BAS agents services expansion

The four most common BAS mistakes and how to avoid them

Whether paying quarterly or monthly BAS returns, businesses should be mindful of the common pitfalls to ensure a smoother transaction.

You are not “aloan”

By embracing technology to make small-business lending more efficient and profitable, alternative lenders have really opened opportunities for busines…

Five ways to drive more foot traffic to your store

Before aiming to gain more foot traffic, determine if the in-store experience you offer your customers the best it can be.

New technology

When is it time to upgrade your business technology?

If the short-term costs of an upgrade are preventing you from doing this it could well be a false economy that’s actually costing your business mone…

Three ways to protect your brand’s digital reputation

Maximise the impact of your digital reputation – it is your currency in doing business today.

The future of funding for small business

Alternative lenders – Fintechs – are reshaping the future of funding businesses and SMEs are thriving as a result.

Tips for financing an expanding business

By organising your finances and doing the research, obtaining funding to help you in expanding business can be a smooth and simple process.

5 & Dime Bagels – baking up business success

Baking quality bagels based on traditional cooking methods forged the success of this homegrown brand.

HighThyme Prospa case study

Cooking up a storm: How High Thyme Cafe whipped up business success

How a rural business owner’s cashflow problems were solved by an innovative lender.

Trade payments

How to manage cashflow in a small business

The key to the profitablility of every small business is their ability to manage cashflow effectively.

Power of marketing

Five ways to market your small business

Marketing can help you grow and retain your customer base, increase awareness and strengthen your brand.


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