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Offshoring Angela Vidler Diversify

2017 – the year of managing remote teams

Giving daily tasks to remote teams allows your Australian staff to take more strategic roles.

Offshoring Angela Vidler Diversify

Three workplace trends for 2017

There are three key trends – stepping away from email, engagement techniques for millennial staffers and managing remote teams – that will shape h…

Overcoming the risks of offshoring

Almost every offshoring plan brings some difficulty or complication in the early stages. However, these risks can be dealt easily if well managed.

Debunking the myths about small business offshoring

A good reason for business offshoring: Savings gained from having a low-cost offshore staff could be invested in new projects or research and developm…

Offshoring Angela Vidler Diversify

Offshoring options for small business

Offshoring has been used for years by the big end of town, but it is an increasingly popular strategy for businesses of all shape and sizes to build a…


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