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Five reasons you and your business need a podcast

Doing a podcast is a huge opportunity for any business owner to showcase their expertise and gain potential clients in the process.


Seven mistakes women make in business

Many female business make one or more of these common mistakes – being aware of them, and thus avoiding them, will go a long way to achieving success.

social media presence

Social sharing your hurt – how much is too much?

Nowadays personal pages are a blend of business and personal so deciding what to share on social media is a delicate balancing act.

The top ten most overused words in small business

Business is full of buzzwords and jargon, but there are some overused words that really annoy people because of both their prevalence and misuse.


How hustling is going to cripple your business

What used to mean an unbeatable work ethic and disregard for rejection, hustle has become a sure-fire way to burn out.

brain, idea, concept

Say no to business brain-pickers

Don’t be afraid of charging other business owners when they ask to pick your brain as doing this shows you value your time that you’re giving up top h…

Facebook, leads, lead generation

Facebook Groups fertile ground for small business

Facebook Groups are an ideal vehicle for small businesses that do not have big budgets to spend on marketing rely on organic connections to grow.


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