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Treating your staff as you do your customers the key to motivation

Addressing the barriers to motivation such as financial stress, time pressures and poor health that affect your team's p...

The disconnect between social media and being social

A consistent business persona on both social media and outside it avoids a feeling of confusion and distrust among custo...

β€˜Tis the season to use in marketing

Christmas may be special, but all year round the seasons - and the events calendar - offer hooks you can hang your promo...

Five reasons businesses need to be off social media

If too few, or no, resources are allocated to social media you're better off getting off until more resources can be dev...

Spring is the time to freshen up your marketing

Investigate which customers have served you well this year and which ones may need to go so you can focus your marketing...

Ten tips on keeping your motivation in business – Part 2

If your motivation dips implement one of these tips – your mood will improve and your tank will start to refill.

Ten tips on keeping your motivation in business – Part 1

Having a clear purpose and direction in both life and work can help generate motivation.

Reason to celebrate

Marking another year in business is a good thing, but take it further by making some New Financial Year resolutions.

Review and recharge: the importance of the performance review

Taking some time out to for a regular performance review helps you refresh and get of the "treadmill".

Try new things in marketing

Marketing methods are changing all the time - particularly online - and best way to learn these methods is to try them o...